Carson Hooper

FASET Leader

Year at GT: 
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Atlanta, Georgia

Involvements at GT: 

Greek Life, Outdoor Recreation Georgia Tech, VP of Communications on Executive Board, Tech Treks Southeast Coordinator, Rock Climbing Trip Leader

Piece of Advice for First Year Students: 

On your residence hall there will most likely be an "open door" policy where your PL (peer leader) encourages the residents to keep their doors open in order to get to know the other residents. I encourage you to not only try that out, but also to adopt your own "open door" door policy for all aspects of your first year. Be open to meeting new people who come from a different place than you, have a different background, think differently, or even just like different foods. Be open to new experiences and to trying things that you never would have imagined yourself doing! Be open to the spontaneity and freedom that comes with college and do your best to not confine yourself to any one ideal. This is such an amazing time in life so my advice is be as open as you can be to the wonderful changes and friends that are about to come your way!