Ryan Trickett

FASET Cabinet

Year at GT: 
Mechanical Engineering
Raleigh, North Carolina

Involvements at GT: 

Greek Life, Men's Club Volleyball Team, New Student & Sophomore Programs: Wreck Camp Counselor (2015), FASET Leader (2016), FASET Cabinet (2017) , Freshman Leadership Organization (2014)

Piece of Advice for First Year Students: 

Do not be afraid to take a chance. I came in as a first year student not knowing a single person on campus, but took the chance to get involved in various organizations right away despite my fear. Fear of fitting in and finding friends are natural for most students. However, being able to realize this and subsequently step outside your comfort zone opens the door to so many opportunities on campus. Take the chance to find the organization you are passionate about. Take the chance to apply for that internship. Take the chance to make meaningful connections with those around you. Georgia Tech has so much to offer, but you must be willing to go out on a limb sometimes to grow and truly make campus your home.