Steven Maa

FASET Leader

Year at GT: 
Mechanical Engineering
Princeton, New Jersey

Involvements at GT: 

Men's Club Soccer, Greek Organization, Wreck Camp, FTK

Piece of Advice for First Year Students: 

Sometimes, you just gotta be a Yes-Man or Woman. When an opportunity arises, and the only thing holding you back is the fear of being outside your comfort zone, just do it! If someone asks you to try out an organization that they think would really fit you, just do it! If someone asks if you want to join them for dinner at Atlantic Station, just do it! The worst thing that can happen is that you learn an activity just isn't for you - and you learn a little bit about yourself in the process. On the other hand, you may just discover something that you are genuinely passionate about. You may gain some of the greatest friends. And you may create beautiful lasting memories.