Freshman Council

The purpose of Freshman Council is to boost campus morale by developing innovative projects, campaigns, and events that are open to the entire Georgia Tech Population. A main focus is also to teach and foster relational leadership skills among the members of Freshman Council, and instill these skills through weekly activities, guest speakers, and semesterly retreats. Last but certainly not least, FC strives to create an environment that supports the formation of strong friendships and beneficial networks in the Georgia Tech community.

How Much Time Does FC Take?
A weekly meeting for about an hour occurs throughout the year, and attendance at other planned events or get-togethers are up to the student’s discretion, although they most likely will want to participate or assist in said events. A date auction in late spring also requires the majority of one night for setting up, participating, and cleanup. 3 different retreats are planned for the year, with one being an overnight trip in the winter.