NODA Interns - Andres Gonzalez

"One thing I did not expect from this experience was to grow a love for Georgia Tech so quickly. The students and personnel are what truly made it an unforgettable summer. It was not the early mornings or late nights for FASET or the unforeseen mishaps with Wreck Camp, but the moments I shared with my teams. NSSP experienced quite a few transitions that summer but if it had not been for the committed professional staff, the results would not have been as phenomenal without them.  I look back and appreciate all the valuable lessons I learned and even hope to apply to my future career. My one piece of advice to future interns is to take it all in and not be afraid to immerse yourself into the Tech life, because at the end of it all you will come out with so much more. #THWg"

-Andres Gonzalez, Program Coordinator - New Student & Leadership Programs, Tulane University