NODA Interns - Destiny Deaton

"It is hard to put into words my time at Georgia Tech, but I will try to scratch the surface of this incredible experience. The first moment I met all of the students they greeted me with hugs like I was already a member of their team. I immediately encountered the most amazing group of students that were not only extremely intelligent but had incredible passion for their university. The joy and school spirit of the student leaders was contagious, and it had me truly wanting to provide the best Orientation and Extended Orientation experience to the incoming Yellow Jackets. I can honestly say that Georgia Tech not only affirmed that I made the right decision in choosing student affairs, moreover it showed me that with great challenge comes great rewards. It was extremely challenging to have to learn a new campus culture, tech lingo, the ins and outs of orientation, and the layout of campus within a very short time frame, but I had the opportunity to work with incredible staff and leaders that truly cared about me. I was rewarded with the best professional development, mentor/mentee relationships, and love for my profession. Being completely transparent, I don't think I could have chosen a better university to work with for my NODA Summer Internship."

-Destiny Deaton, Southeast Missouri State University