NODA Interns - Genna Martella


"Working in NSSP was the most impactful opportunity of my graduate experience. Having no experience with orientation prior to joining the office, the staff and students welcomed me as a part of their team right off the back with enthusiasm and support! One of my favorite things about working with NSSP was the opportunity to dive into every facet of, well, FASET. The experience is truly tailored to honing your skills and professional interests, and the breadth of understanding of the field was unmatched in any other role I held in graduate school. Furthermore, the supervision I received in the office challenged me in ways I never could have imagined, built my skill set, and made me feel valued as both a professional and member of the team. If that's not enough, Georgia Tech students are truly some of the most remarkable and passionate students I have ever encountered, and being able to work with such a dynamic student staff not only creates opportunities for you to put what you learn in the classroom to practice, but for an absolutely amazing summer."

-Genna Martella, Coordinator of New Student Programs at NC State University