Carolyn Lesseig



Best advice for an incoming student: 
Never be afraid to ask questions. Ask new people questions to get to know them. Ask professors questions during office hours. Ask advisors about the plentiful campus resources. Ask a friend how they are doing. Ask a student organization leader how to become involved in their organization. Tech is full of passionate, motivated people who are always willing to help out a new student, and asking people, or even multiple people, questions is the easiest and best way to find the answers you need.

Why should you come to Wreck Camp?: 
Wreck Camp is an amazing opportunity for new students to not only learn about Tech traditions and resources but also build lasting connections with other campers and counselors during a fun-packed few days. As a camper, I went into Wreck Camp a little reluctant because I have a shy personality, but with activities designed to break the ice, establish meaningful connections, and foster empowerment and leadership, I found Wreck Camp to be the perfect start to my time at Tech!