CC Gruber


Austin, TX -> Vinings, GA
Industrial Engineering

Best advice for an incoming student: 
The best part of Georgia Tech is the community that every student is able to find here, so make an effort to find your community. Join a club that seems interesting or get to know the people in your residence hall or make a study group with other students in your classes. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone in order to meet new people because the people are what make Tech so special.

Why should you come to Wreck Camp?: 
Starting college can be intimidating, but attending Wreck Camp makes it less so. It allows you to have fun, learn more about Tech, and build relationships with other incoming students. I can honestly say that going to Wreck Camp has been one of the best decisions of my college career. It prepared me for the transition to college and got me excited about all of the opportunities that Tech has to offer. Attending Wreck Camp gave me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and strive for things I never could have accomplished without it. I know that it can make a similar impact on all new Tech students.