Connect is a First-Year Leadership Organization designed to support student transitions into Georgia Tech. As a part of our close-knit community, Connectors will gain valuable leadership skills through event planning and team-building activities that facilitate strong connections. Our students will be given the space to exercise their creative ability and create unique opportunities for Connect and the first-year class. As a New Student and Transition Programs organization, Connect’s vision is to ensure that new students feel confident and possess the tools to succeed at Georgia Tech.  



About Connect 

Established in 2020, Connect is one of Tech's newest First-Year Leadership Organizations that focuses on building connections and creating community among the first-year Connect participants (Connectors) as well as the entire first-year class. We understand that transitioning to college and to a new community can be difficult, so we hope by being a member of Connect, we can help make Georgia Tech feel like home, build long-lasting friendships, and provide members with the tools and resources to become a successful leader on Georgia Tech's campus. 

As a First-Year Connector you can expect: 

  • Weekly meetings
  • Fall and spring semester retreats
  • Group bonding in both small and large group settings to create our close-knit community
  • Event planning for Connect participants and the First-Year Class 
  • Individual and group leadership development 


Meet the Connect Advisors! 

Our student advisors serve as the leadership team in charge of the planning and implementation of Connect programs, as well as serving as mentors to all the first-year Connectors. Our advisor team is made up of 4 second-year advisors and 2 upper-class advisors to provide Connect with a variety of Tech experience.