FASET Cabinet


FASET is a program that welcomes over 3,000 students and their guests to Georgia Tech each summer. FASET could not happen without the help of Cabinet, our executive board made up of 12 leaders who work together for 10 months planning and implementing vital pieces of the FASET Orientation program. Cabinet is chosen in early September and finishes their term in Mid August. Cabinet is a unique opportunity to help create an institute wide program aimed to welcome new students.

Cabinet Committees

Cabinet is split into six committees: Community Development, Information & Logistics, Membership & Recruitment, New Student Engagement, Programming, and Training & Leadership that lead different projects that play into the success of our program. For more information, please visit the committee information section below and read before applying. 

Cabinet Member Responsibilities

  • Be an extension of the FASET professional staff and help direct and advise the FASET Leader staff during each FASET session FASET professional staff and help direct and advise the FASET Leader staff during each FASET session
  • Co-Lead a FASET Committee tasked with committee specific projects to be completed throughout the year FASET Committee tasked with committee specific projects to be completed throughout the year
  • Lead and advise a Cab Team serving as a resource and support to a group consisting of seven-nine FASET Leaders
  • Attend a NSTP Executive Officer Retreat (September 14-16)
  • Attend weekly training meetings during the fall semester on Tuesday evening from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. 
  • Attend weekly Cabinet meetings during the spring & summer on Monday evening from 6:00-8:00 p.m. 
  • Attend all FASET functions (trainings, orientation sessions, etc.)
  • Represent Georgia Tech at the 2019 Annual Southern Regional Orientation Workshop (March 2019) including group educational presentations and spirit performances
  • Assist in the recruitment and selection of the 2019 FASET Leader staff
  • Maintain good academic and judicial standing with Georgia Tech
  • Maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA 
  • Work with institutional and community partners to enable the success of FASET and other NSTP programs
  • Share your love and passion of Georgia Tech with 3,000+ incoming students and guests

Cabinet Member Benefits

  • Significant experience developing and incorporating departmental initiatives while leading peers
  • Fun and rewarding service to Georgia Tech
  • Great opportunity to develop professional and personal relationships with faculty, staff, and students
  • Opportunity to attend conferences and other types of professional development opportunities throughout the year
  • Student leadership stipend

FASET is a program that is truly a campus and community wide effort. Community Development works closely with our campus colleagues, community partners, and student organizations to provide them with a chance to share their resources and opportunities with incoming students. Community Development plans our Student Organization Fair each summer that allows over 150 student organizations to welcome our incoming students. It also implements our Tech Resource Fair that partners with over 50 campus and community partners to share their resources with incoming students and families. Community Development also leaders the service aspect of FASET including our staff service project. 

FASET sessions depend on the behind the scenes work of many to be successful each summer. Information & Logistics plays a major role in the implementation of FASET. Student and guest check-in, class registration, FASET session reports, and leader duties are all planned by our Information & Logistics committee.  Both members of the Information & Logistics committee are required to work in the NSTP office during the summer. 

The recruitment and selection of FASET Leader staff is led by the Membership & Recruitment committee each spring. Once FASET Leader staff is chosen each year, Membership & Recruitment is then tasked with assisting in maintaining the morale of FASET Leader staff including the planning of leader socials, leader gifts, and staff recognition. Membership & Recruitment is also charged with planning and implementing the Evening Social program that occurs the evening of each two-day FASET session.

New Student Engagement's role in FASET Cabinet is creating programs and initiatives that engage students before, during, and after their FASET session. From leading FASET's social media presence to planning Welcome Home Month programming for students, New Student Engagement plays an important role in the orientation and transition of our new students. New Student Engagement also helps plan our Sibling Orientation program that engages the brothers and sisters aged 10-16 that attend with their newly admitted sibling.  

FASET orients its students with important information sessions and engaging programming. Our Programming committee is charged in planning and delivering certain areas of that programming. Programming plans our Opening Number (a welcoming, lip sync performance), Traditions Talk (presentation about the unique traditions that exist at GT), our Tech Stories (authentic stories from current GT students), and Tech After Dark (a facilitated discussion around important campus issues). These programs are important to the success of FASET each summer.

Training and Leadership is tasked in creating and implementing the training program for our staff FASET Leaders each year. They are charged with planning our semesterly trainings, our FASET Leader retreat, and pre-session trainings. They also created our FASET Leader Orientation Workbook (FLOW-B) that shares important GT information with our FASET Leader staff.