Samantha Allison


Duluth, GA
Computational Media

Best advice for an incoming student: 
You're not alone! There are literally hundreds of other incoming students that are most likely going through the same feelings you are. There will be so many opportunities during your first year to meet new people and get a little bit out of your comfort zone (in a good way). Everyone is just trying to make friends and find where they belong on campus, so you're bound to find people to have an amazing first year experience with!

Why should you come to Wreck Camp?: 
I made the unfortunate mistake of not going to Wreck Camp as a first year and I regret it so much because I hear from students that did attend Wreck Camp that it totally changed their first year experience. Over the 4 days, you'll play crazy fun games with your teammates and get the inside scoop of Tech life from the counselors. Plus, you'll already have so many new friends (fellow first-years as well as upperclassman) before you even start your first day of classes. You should definitely come to Wreck Camp to meet amazing people and make the most of your Tech experience.