The Whistle Webinar Series

Even though we are in a virtual academic environment, our webinar series provides the opportunity for incoming students & families to connect with campus offices and departments virtually to support all your needs! Through these webinars, students and families will be able to: 
  • Have a better understanding of resources and programs that are available to new students
  • Be able to learn about resources from campus experts and ask topic specific questions of offices and departments
  • Seek help with various questions including class registration, auxiliary services, and finding connection on campus.
Below you will find more information about the different webinars, target audiences, as well as the dates and times they will be offered. We hope you enjoy! 


Outside of the events listed below, there are more on the Office of Undergraduate Admissions website.
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Spring Webinar Series

While this semester's Whistle Webinar event has passed, you can still access and watch a lot of the session recordings below: 
How to be a Successful GT Student

Hosted by: Undergraduate Advising & Transition
This interactive presentation provides a comprehensive overview of and introduction to both strategies and resources to promote success at Tech.
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Georgia Tech-Lorraine Information Session

Hosted by: Georgia Tech-Lorraine
Did you know that Georgia Tech has a campus in Metz, France? Georgia Tech-Lorraine offers students the opportunity to stay 100 percent on track toward their degree by taking classes taught in English during the week and exploring Europe on the weekends! The campus is located in the heart of Europe in the Grand Est region by the borders of Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany, less than 90 minutes from Paris by high-speed train. The highly innovative Lorraine campus offers programs that create synergies between academics, research, and innovation. Undergraduate students from Georgia Tech and other U.S. institutions come year-round to spend a semester or more on campus. And, it's not just for engineers; the campus welcomes students in business, the sciences, French, International Affairs and more.

Interested in spending a semester at Georgia Tech-Lorraine? Tune in to this information session on BlueJeans (a videoconferencing service) to learn more about the program and ask us questions!
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Creating Sustainable Communities at Georgia Tech

Hosted by: Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain
Are you a student interested in sustainability and partnering with communities to impact change in those areas?  Are you interested in learning how to apply your technical and scientific knowledge towards solving the sustainability challenges of our time?  Do you have a focus on influencing the implementation of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals?  Serve-Learn-Sustain is a campus-wide academic initiative working with all six colleges to offer students opportunities inside and outside the classroom to collaborate with diverse partners – across the community, non-profit, government, academic, and business sectors – on key sustainability challenges.  Through SLS, students use the knowledge and skills they are acquiring at GT to help “create sustainable communities.”
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Undergraduate Academics Faculty Panel

Hosted by: Office of Undergraduate Education
With six colleges and more than 35 degrees at Georgia Tech students have plenty of options to choose from. During this session, you will learn about different areas of study, core education requirements, and even have a chance to hear from Georgia Tech faculty. Students, parents, and families are all welcome to attend! The Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE) challenges students to become accomplished learners who are able to make meaningful connections among work, study, and community. We connect curricular and co-curricular offerings to assist students in developing a strong foundation for success, during college and after. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, & FB @GTOUE
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Find Out How the Career Center Can Help You Connect with Your Future

Hosted by: Georgia Tech Career Center
The Career Center is the nexus for all things career-related. Come and learn about all the resources and opportunities you can take advantage of from your first day at Tech.  Whether you're interested in interning, co-oping, or finding your dream job, we can show you how to make your work work for employers.
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Campus Safety & Resources

Hosted by: Georgia Tech Police Department
This particular session would speak about campus safety resources, address and concerns surrounding on and off-campus safety and distribute an abundance of tips and add ways to stay safe in and around the campus environment.
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Connect with Materials Science and Engineering

Hosted by: School of Materials Science and Engineering
Join us for an introduction to the wonderful world of materials science and engineering! This session will provide an overview of our student resources including but not limited to student organizations, the MILL, academic advising, and outreach initiatives. The session will be set up in a game show format and will be fairly interactive.
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Goin' Global with Georgia Tech

Hosted by: Office of International Education
Please join the Office of International Education to learn about the international opportunities open to Tech undergraduate students. We’ll cover the common myths associated with study abroad, address financial viability, and provide resources for getting started.
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Overview of Mental  Health and Well-Being at Georgia Tech

Hosted by: Counseling Center, CARE, and Health Initiatives
This will be a virtual presentation about accessing mental health and well-being services and resources on campus.
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Expand Your Professional Network Now By Connecting with the Georgia Tech Alumni Community

Hosted by: Georgia Tech Alumni Association 
Want to connect with the over 165,000 living alumni of Georgia Tech as a student to help you in professional development, internships and job search, or as a personal mentor? Join staff from the Georgia Tech Alumni Association and the Student Alumni Association on how to make intentional relationships with our amazing alumni and fellow students to discover your potential at Tech.
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Bridging the Gap

Hosted by: Leadership Education and Development
We make many transitions in our lives. Some transitions are good, easy, and smooth, while others can be difficult; even painful. Yet each transition offers a great opportunity to learn and grow. In this session, we will embrace challenges and explore intentional pathways towards the best version of ourselves at Tech and beyond.
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Navigating Academic Resources @ Tech: Tutoring & PLUS

Hosted by: Tutoring and Academic Support
Join this session to hear from the Tutoring and Academic Support team and the resources available to ensure your success at Tech. We support undergraduate students in achieving their academic goals with individual and group study sessions that foster self-regulated learning, enhance academic skills, and promote student well-being. 1-to-1 Tutoring is available to all students and covers over seventy different courses at primarily the 1000- and 2000-levels. We also offer group study with PLUS (Peer-Led Undergraduate Study) sessions which build course knowledge and skills in a relaxed, collaborative environment. All of our services are free for all Georgia Tech students!
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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Hosted by: Academic Engagement Programs
Join us as we discuss innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities at Georgia Tech. We will cover the resources and programs available to support student invention and startup companies.
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Maximize Your Experience with Campus Services

Hosted by: Campus Services
We know incoming students have questions about the best way to navigate Georgia Tech. Join this virtual session to learn how Campus Services can provide the support and services you need to get the most out of your campus experience. We'll have representatives present to answer your live questions about:
Meal Plans & Dining Options
Housing & Residence Life
Parking & Campus Transportation
Health Services
Campus Recreation
Post Office
Visit to learn more.
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Supporting and Accessing the Parents Fund: A How-To Guide to Philanthropy at Tech

Hosted by: Office of Development & the Parents Fund
Join us as we discuss the Parents Fund and learn what it is and it benefits students.  We will walk you through what the Parent Fund offers to students and how they can use it as a resource to enhance their time here at Tech.  It will also include the different ways that you, as parents, can support them and their peers through philanthropy.
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Veteran's Services Information

Hosted by: Veterans Resource Center
Staff from the VRC, Financial Aid, Registrar's, and Bursar's Office will provide information about veteran's resources, programs and services. And also Information about using the GI Bill.
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Self-Care at Georgia Tech

Hosted by: Health Initiatives
It's not always easy finding balance and managing your stress as a new college student. This presentation will discuss ways in which you can practice self-care, build resilience, and practice mindfulness.
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Financial Aid Info Session

Hosted by: Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid
Financial aid presentation regarding the financial aid process steps in applying. Ex. types of financial aid; financial aid student eligibility; and financial aid deadlines.
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Transfer Student Panel

Hosted by: New Student & Transition Programs, Student Government Association, and the Transfer Student Association
Do you have questions about transferring to Georgia Tech? Have your questions answered by current transfer students of what life is like at Tech, what it like transferring here and get some tips & tricks to being successful! 
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Never Too Early: Explore Grad School, Health Professions, Fellowships, and K-12 Education

Hosted by: Pre-Graduate & Pre-Professional Advising
This event will introduce you to the professionals who will support you as you consider and apply for prestigious fellowships, health professional schools, graduate school, or K-12 education. We will describe our support for applicants for competitive post-graduate programs and get you started with steps you can take right away to reach your long term goals. Anybody who is curious about whether a graduate/professional program, K-12 teaching, or prestigious fellowship might be in their future should watch. It's not too early to think strategically about the next stop on your educational journey.
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Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives in the Division of Student Life

Hosted by: Division of Student Life Inclusion, Advocacy & Support Collective
Have questions about being a person of color at Tech? Newly queer and looking for community? Want to take a deep dive into feminism and the representation of women in STEM?  Then join staff from the Inclusion, Advocacy, & Support Collective in the Division of Student Life as they share ways you can get connected with programming, celebrations and communities that center these experiences.
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Undergraduate Research

Hosted by: Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
Join us for an informative discussion on undergraduate research programs at Georgia Tech. We will cover the benefits of undergraduate research, how to get involved and cover some programmatic and institutional details.
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Fraternity & Sorority Life at Georgia Tech

Hosted by: Fraternity & Sorority Life
Are you interested in joining our 132-year-old proud tradition here at Georgia Tech? The fraternity and sorority community has 55 chapters spread across 4 different councils (CPC, IFC, MGC, and NPHC). Come learn more about the benefits of membership, what makes our community unique, and how the joining process works for each of our 4 councils. There are many opportunities to join one of our chapters this Spring 2021!
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Summer Semester 101 - Classes, Minors, & More! 

Hosted by: Summer Session Initiatives
This event will provide an overview of summer semester opportunities for students, including summer classes, summer minors, and more! Learn more about summer:
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Intuitive Eating

Hosted by: Health Initiatives & Nutrition
This session introduces the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating. Designed for individuals wishing to explore and discuss their relationship with food, dieting and/or body image.
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Introduction to VOICE

Hosted by: Health Initiatives
This 30-minute presentation provides an overview of sexual harassment, stalking, relationship violence, and sexual assault. Participants will also learn about consent, bystander intervention, and survivor support resources, including VOICE.
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Industrial Engineering Incoming Student Orientation & Advising

Hosted by: School of Industrial Systems & Engineering
Information for incoming BS IE students and parents regarding the Industrial and Systems Engineering major and school, including potential course suggestions for Spring 2021.
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Parent & Family Programs 

 What's Buzzin' at Georgia Tech? Fall Webinar Series 

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