Wreck Camp 2021 Registration

We're excited that you've decided to come to Wreck Camp 2021. Please fill out the following form to be registered.

The cost of attendance depends on which camp you are attending.

Registration for Wreck Camp: ATL is now CLOSED 

HIVE Virtual Engagement is $25. Additional information can be found by visiting: https://transitionprograms.gatech.edu/hive-virtual-engagement-1

Wreck Camp Odyssey is $350. Additional information can be found by visiting: https://transitionprograms.gatech.edu/content/wreck-camp-odyssey-0

**Please note registration is first-come, first-serve, and will be capped. If you are placed on the waitlist for either of these experiences, you will be notified via email. Students on the waitlist will not be charged unless a spot for Wreck Camp or HIVE opens up. 

*COVID-19 and Safety Disclaimer*

To help ensure the safety of all students, staff, and campus partners, we are strongly recommending that you complete a COVID test(s)/vaccination prior to your arrival on campus, and wear a facial covering during our program. Extra safety precautions of our experiences include but are not limited to: cleaning each indoor space after each usage, sanitizer located in every space, and social distancing. As a reminder, due to COVID-19 these programs may be altered or canceled. Students who have registered will be notified if any changes have been made to either program.

Personal Information
Registration for Wreck Camp: ATL is now closed. HIVE Virtual Engagement will be virtual. (Camper Fee: $25) Wreck Camp Odyssey will be hosted at Camp Rock Eagle in Eatonton, Georgia. (Camper Fee: $350)
Emergency Contact Information
Other Information

Early Move-In (Wreck Camp: ATL) 
If you are an out-of-state student attending Wreck Camp ATL, you will have the opportunity to move into your Wreck Camp ATL camp housing assignment the night before camp begins (June 24, 2021). This will be an additional fee of $65 if you move in the night before camp. *Please note, you will not be staying in your Fall 2021 housing assignment during Wreck Camp ATL*. You will be emailed your early move-in instructions upon registering. 

Early Move-In (Wreck Camp: Odyssey)
Students attending Wreck Camp Odyssey have the opportunity to move into their Fall 2021 Residence Hall Assignment on (August 10th, 2021) for an additional fee of $65 per night until the official Fall 2021 Residence Life move-in date. Early move-in time frames for Wreck Camp Odyssey are TBD and will be updated accordingly. 

If you select this option, once the fee has been confirmed, we will email all students who have selected this option. Changes can be made to your registration once the information is provided if need be.

Early move-in fees are charged on a nightly basis.
Please note, temporary permits are limited for purchase, and first-come, first-serve. These parking permits are only for students who are out of state (3-4 hours away). Temporary parking permits are $35 in addition to the camp fees.
Agreement & Submit Form

All cancellations and changes must be made in writing to the New Student & Transition Programs office at transitionprograms@studentlife.gatech.edu a minimum of fifteen business days (weekend days are not business days).

Wreck Camp ATL students who cancel after June 1st up to fifteen business days before their session will be charged a $50 administrative fee.

HIVE Virtual Engagement students who cancel after June 21st up to fifteen business days before their session will be charged a $10 administrative fee.

Wreck Camp Odyssey students who cancel after July 10th up to fifteen business days before their session will be charged a $50 administrative fee.

Students who cancel before the dates listed above for their program will not see a fee charged to their student account. The $50 fee is only assessed for those who cancel after the dates posted up to fifteen business days before their session. Students who cancel fifteen business days or less will be charged the full fee of the program they are registered to attend. 

There will be no refunds for any of these experiences