Zachary Bellis


Marietta, Georgia
Mechanical Engineering

Best advice for an incoming student: 
I have a couple pieces of advice: 1 - do not be afraid to throw yourself into something completely new just to try it out - if it does not work out, then you can move onto something else and be satisfied you tried something unique 2 - SLEEP! I was not on a good sleep schedule, which made it more difficult to function during the day - school and friends are important, but so is your health 3 - be proud of yourself and what you have done/are doing - Tech is a great school full of great people; be be proud to be a part of such a fantastic and supportive community

Why should you come to Wreck Camp?: 
This is an experience that you will have for the rest of your time at college; you will meet so many different and unique people and develop friendships that could last a lifetime. I personally did not go to Wreck Camp, but I am friends with many people who did, and I regret not going every day. Come and enjoy some relaxing fun before school starts!