Harrison Speed

FASET Leader

Year at GT: 
Music Technology
Jackson, Mississippi

Involvements at GT: 

GT Jazz Ensemble, PianoForte

Piece of Advice for First Year Students: 

College life is very different than anything you've experienced in high school, and at first, things can be very overwhelming. Between having to find your way around a huge campus, make a whole new set of friends, and still keep up with classes, it can be easy to feel stressed about every little thing. Take some time during your first year to remind yourself that you're in a new environment you've never really seen before, and congratulate yourself on how well you've done. It may seem like the end of the world if you forget about a homework assignment or do poorly on your first test, but it's okay to cut yourself a little slack and remember that you're probably getting on just as well as any other first year on campus.