KNIT Mentee Information


KNIT is a first year mentoring program that pairs incoming first years with an upperclassmen mentor to help guide them during their first semester at Georgia Tech. KNIT is built on the tenants of:

  • KNOWLEDGE: By pairing with upperclass mentors, we strive to provide academic support, advice, and direction from experienced students to students navigating their first semester of classes at Georgia Tech.
  • NUTURE: KNIT aims to nurture personal growth with each of their mentees based on their personal goals for their first year and entire college career at Tech.
  • INTERACTION: KNIT understands the mentoring and personal growth goes beyond a 1 on 1 relationship. The importance of community building and group interactions is also important in the success of our new students at Tech.
  • TRADITION: One of the things that makes Georgia Tech so unique is the tradition that exists within our community. With KNIT we hope to share these traditions with our newest Yellow Jackets, while creating some new ones of our own.



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