NODA Interns - Joey Tamburo

Honestly, it is literally impossible to describe my summer experience at Georgia Tech with words. Let me just say that this was the most awesome internship in the world and it was everything I dreamed of and more. From the amazing staff, to the wonderful students, to the awesome programs, I had such an amazing summer. The professional staff and students had a genuine interest in me, they greeted me with open arms and wanted to learn so much about me. Georgia Tech gave me the chance to not only experience new student orientation, but extended orientation too, which not many NODA internships offer that opportunity. All of those great experiences gave me skills that I can take back to graduate school and to my career. I was able to do and learn so much that I feel I grew professionally and gained so much. I now know that I want to get back into working with Orientation and cannot wait to see where my life takes me. Working at Georgia Tech this summer as a NODA Intern was one of the best experiences of my life that I would not trade for the world.

-Joey Tamburo, Penn State