Wreck Camp Schedule Highlights


Early Move-In Option

Wreck Camp participants will have the option to move into their selected Residence Hall room during Check In/Move in on the first day of Camp. *Please note an additional fee of $50 a night applies.


Wreck Camp Kick-Off

Welcome to camp! At Wreck Camp Kick-Off you'll meet your small group leaders, members, and the rest of Wreck Camp staff. Get ready to be welcomed in the warmest way we know how!


Wreck Camp Social

Put on your themed gear and enjoy a variety of late-night activities including silent disco, board games, signs, and more!


Wreck Camp Games

This adult-field-day-style activity involves several outdoor games selected by Wreck Camp staff in which campers compete to win points. Not the athletic type? No problem, there are a wide variety of activities and each team needs a dedicated squad of supporters to cheer them on!


Color War

Probably the most well-known activity of Wreck Camp, our Color War involves giving campers the opportunity to throw traditional Holi powder (colored chalk powder) at one another in celebration of this new beginning and season of life.


Small Groups

Campers will be sorted into small groups of approximately 10 students. This small group is led by 2 student leaders who will be your personal mentors and resources throughout your time at camp and beyond.Get ready to dive into activities on goal setting, building resiliency, and having more fun than you can imagine!


Color Team Time

Join 5 other small groups of the same color to engage in a variety of fun activities! Together you'll learn more about your personality types, campus culture, affirmation, and more.


Service Project

Camp Twin Lakes provides year-round, fully-accessible, and intentionally designed camp programs that teach children to overcome obstacles while creating shared experiences with others who face similar challenges. After spending every other day of the year adapting to the world around them, for one week, camp adapts to them. Wreck Camp wants to embody the Institute's mission of Progress & Service by giving back Camp Twin Lakes. Service project activities will range from creating permanent decorations, clearing trail, installing low ropes course equipment, and more!


Traditions Skit

Get ready to learn all about GT history and traditions through this unique showcase of Wreck Camp staff talent.


EdYou Sessions

Curious about how to get involved on campus, when to study abroad, apply for an internship, or just want to know where the campus recreation center is? These staff-led presentations cover a wide range of topics to give you the inside scoop before returning to campus for your first week of classes.


Passing of the Torch Campfire

Let go of all your first-year fears and listen to advice from rising 4th and 5th year students.