Programmatic Components of New Student & Transition Programs

FASET Orientation serves as the orientation for new students and their parents and guests at Georgia Tech. Over the course of the summer, FASET Orientation serves approximately 3,500 students and 3,500 parents and guests.

Wreck Camp is an extended orientation experience for incoming students that brings together new and current students to help jumpstart their college experience. Wreck Camp is designed to aid students in their transition to Georgia Tech by developing a diverse social network and strengthening their ties to the Institute through the introduction of campus culture and traditions. Wreck Camp attracts over 250 students per summer.

Week of Welcome greets all incoming and returning students at Georgia Tech with social and academic events and programs. It is a collaborative effort across campus divisions, departments, and organizations to showcase the many opportunities at Tech. Events are designed to help students connect to different aspects of campus life, to the support services available to them, and to the Tech spirit that permeates the institution.

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