Wreck Camp Directors

The Wreck Camp directors are made up of a group of 7 student executive board members that work on projects throughout the year to plan and facilitate Georgia Tech's Extended Orientation program, Wreck Camp. Wreck Camp directors also advise Wreck Camp counselors on their implementation strategies throughout each Wreck Camp provided. The Wreck Camp directors advise three different groups that allow for Wreck Camp to be successful: Recruitment and Retention, Training and Development, and Programming and Logistics.

Wreck Camp Counselors

The Wreck Camp counselors, comprised of 20+ student leaders is a diverse group of students who are prepared to fulfill the pillars of Wreck Camp: Community, Traditions, and Transitions. The Wreck Camp counselors serve in one of the three committees which correspond to the three pillars, and support the Wreck Camp directors with planning Wreck Camp. 

Additional Information

Would you like more information on what it takes to become a Wreck Camp director or counselor?  Visit our Directors and our Staff pages to learn more about each role and the application process.