FASET is not just for students, it's for families as well! Whether you have been on the Georgia Tech campus before or not, there is always something to learn, something to experience, and someone to meet. The Parent and Guest Orientation Program is an excellent opportunity for parents to become familiar with Georgia Tech. Parents continue to play a role of the utmost importance in their college student's development and education, and Parent and Guest Orientation helps parents and guests create realistic expectations for their student and offers a great deal of information to assist both parents and students in making the transition to Georgia Tech.

While attending FASET is not required, it is a great way for parents and guests to learn ways to support your student through the various experiences they will encounter at Tech. NSTP strongly believes that family participation during your student's transition to college is invaluable, and we hope you will choose to attend FASET.

Useful Information:

  • Parents and guests will NOT be allowed to attend class registration portion of the day with their students.
  • Overnight housing is not provided to parents and guests.
  • For on campus family events and more information on how to support your students at Georgia Tech visit the Parent and Family Programs website.
  • The charge for one-day FASET sessions for guests is $70.