A group of Tech students. One is holding a sign that reads: 50 Faset Group 12.

Sponsorship Levels

Gold - $3,100

Silver - $1,800

Bronze - $1,025

Resource Guide Ad Space

  • Full (1) Page Ad: $550
  • Half (1/2) Page Ad: $300
  • Quarter (1/4) Page Ad: $175

Student Organization Pricing

  • Full (1) Page Ad: $300
  • Half (1/2) Page Ad: $175
  • Quarter (1/4) Page Ad: $100


Resource Guide

All ads should be in color, high-quality file type

  • Full Page Ad: 8.5''(W) x 11''(H)
  • Half Page Ad: 8.5''(W) x 5.5''(H)
  • Quarter Page Ad: 4.25''(W) x 5.5''(H)
Ad Submissions for Guidebook

600 pixels x 110 pixels

Logo Submissions

All logos should be submitted in black and white and color, high-quality file type

Note: All submissions and questions can be sent to NSTPsponsors@studentlife.gatech.edu

Sponsor Meal Add-On - $600

This add-on sponsorship provides any of our sponsors an opportunity to provide a meal for our student staff training and speak with our student leaders. Depending on availability, we may be able to have you join us live or we may ask that you submit a video